1. Dogs

    A twitter conversation I had a while ago:

    @spacevalkyrie: my dog is sorta like a fat little burrito http://t.co/k4D6oePD

    @lisa_lefteye:will pet photography be a successful genre in 20 years? reinvented and post-ironic?

    @spacevalkyrie: if it is I will be it’s queen I suppose 

    (photograph by Centa Schumacher)

  2. Friday Thing: Long Weekend Edition

    Happy Friday! My dog wasn’t so happy in this shot because he had just taken a bath.

    Hope you enjoy the long weekend. I may or may not be having a certain children’s card game tournament at my house. Here’s some links to procrastinate to until you can go home from work:

    • Are you a woman or woman-identified artist? You should enter one of these shows hosted by the Women’s Caucus of the Arts. (Pssst: my image is next to the description for the “Bound” show)
    • Have you ever head of June and Jennifer Gibbons, the silent twins
    • A guinea pig on a skateboard
    • My favorite super easy and fast recipe for tomato soup.
    • I was going to link to about ten articles from KQED Science, so I figured I should just link to the tumblr instead. Good stuff here. 
    • “If I shave my bikini line instead of waxing it, the hair will grow back in the shape of the words ‘YOU IDIOT.’ And it will all be ingrown.” 
    • I take this personality test every six months or so, and I’ve always found it eerily accurate. Here’s what it said about me this time: ”Is stubborn and strong-willed, once her mind is made up it is impossible to change it. She does not ask for much, so she feels when she does ask her needs should be met.”

    (Photo by Centa Schumacher)

  3. This is my dog. I’m a lucky one. 
(photo by Centa Schumacher)

    This is my dog. I’m a lucky one. 

    (photo by Centa Schumacher)

  4. We should not turn away from our natural gifts. 

    This well animated little short made me happy. I hope you watch it and it makes you happy too.